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San Diego Senior Services

Judith Burzell, Owner

2790 Loker Ave.

Carlsbad, CA 92010

(760) 224-5025

We provide a full range of services to seniors & their families

San Diego Senior Services has experience in providing the highest level of care for your loved ones, to help the entire family through the challenges seniors experience.

We can help you at every step to assess seniors' needs & options.

Whether it is a planned move or related to a health emergency, we can assist seniors & their families to help you get through a crisis & make informed decisions about what to do & how. We have 16 years of experience in Senior Care.

We provide help with consultation, assessment, care management, &, if needed, placement & facility selection. We can help with preparing the family home to accommodate changed health circumstances for a better quality of living, to help with down-sizing from the family home. We can help you assess options for a facility & assist you in selecting the most appropriate type of facility. We provide a full range of services to help seniors meet the challenges of daily living from bill-paying to wellness visits.  

Seniors at home & in transition

Staying at home

If your loved one makes the decision to live at home & age in place we can help them with making adjustments to their home that will accommodate changes due to health issues. We will help with re-designing your home to maintain its warmth & familiar look & work with needed changes such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, showering help, & organization of other health devices so that you will have what you need at hand while still making your home feel like a home & not a medical facility.

We can provide a full range of support services to seniors living at home, including shopping, medical appointments, outings, home maintenance, bill paying & a variety of other services.

Moving to a Senior Care Facility - Relocation services

If the time has come for a senior to transition into a senior facility, whether it is a new residence, retirement community, assisted living or skilled nursing facility, we can help!

We can assist your family from start to finish. After assessing your unique situation, we can help with selecting the best facility & support through every aspect of your move.

Here are some of the things we can do to help:

- Organizing, packing, labeling personal items - working with seniors to be sure they have what matters most to them while eliminating clutter

- Plan your move: selecting what you will need at your new residence, keeping in mind that you want your new home to feel warm, inviting & familiar. We can help you with the transfer or disposal of other items.

- Preparing your home for sale or transfer: we can provide cleaning, assistance with transfer and/or disposal of unwanted items, home maintenance, repairs and home staging if you are preparing your home for sale

- Assisting you as you move: we will help you make a gentle transition to your new home, planning your new space with thought to your comfort & what you will need. We can assist your with packing, moving, unpacking & setting up your new home with all the things you want & need around you. We will help you decorate your new home so that it is warm & inviting & feels like home.

- After your move, we offer a full range of support services to help you make the transition to your new life style, including wellness visits, transportation, shopping, medical appointments, maintaining your calendar to give you a sense of well-being & support.

At San Diego Senior Services we understand the challenges & stress for seniors & their families as they make these transitions and we are here to help!

Senior Relocation Services:

We specialize in senior relocation services - helping you at every step - whether you are downsizing, moving to a senior living community, assisted living, skilled nursing or just to a new location, we can help!

If you are selling your home you want a quick sale for the best possible price! We can assist with deferred maintenance, cleaning, de-cluttering and most importantly, home staging to help you get the best sale possible!

Get the best price when you are selling your home! Staging your home will help it sell 80% faster & for an average of 10% more than a similar home that has not been staged!

We will help you take the next step to help you care for your loved one

We provide assessment, care management, personal support & a case management plan

We will help with selecting the best possible facility or support at home

After determining the best placement, whether it is at home or in a support facility, we will help your family see that your loved one is in the best possible place with the support they need.

We can help you with managing personal services

After determining the best placement, whether it is at home or in a support facility, we will help your family see that your loved one is in the best possible place with the support they need.